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World's Most Comprehensive Life-Improvement Program
Truestar Attitude

The Truestar Attitude Program will help you feel and be a better person through an easy to use, interactive goal-setting program. Included are a daily life-improvement checklist, meditation CDs, stress-reducing tips and more.

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Truestar Attitude
Motivation & Meditation CDs

Use our motivational audio and book selections to get you into the groove; use our meditation CDs and stress-reducing tips to let you relax and get perspective on life.

Goal Setting

Use our Goal-Setting Program to solidify your plans and desires into achievable goals.

Success Habits

Discover the 12 daily success habits that can guide you to success and happiness in your life and career.


Truestar Mind Travel Meditation

The average person has no less than 60,000 individual thoughts each day. This constant mental chatter is exhaustive and stressful, leading to... more