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Truestar Sports Programs
World's most comprehensive
sports specific training

Whether you're an adult or a child, an amateur or professional athlete, or simply interested in training like an athlete, our yearlong training plans help you reach your highest performance level.

  • A training plan schedule;
  • a daily workout calendar; and
  • videos and descriptions for all your exercises.
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The Truestar Advantage:
Popular Sports

Popular Sports

Based on Dr. Tudor Bompa's concept of periodization, we created personalized sports-specific exercise plans for the world's most popular sports.

training plan

Training plan

Based on Dr. Tudor Bompa's scientific concept of periodization for strength, we have created personalized sports-specific exercise plans customised for you.

The Laws of Exercise

Truestar believes that education and information are powerful tools in achieving overall health and wellness. With the vast amount of information available, however, it is easy to become confused about what to eat for health... more

daily workout calendar

Daily workout calendar

Your workout calendar is tuned to your sport's progression throughout the year, from spring training to the play-offs.

Exercise Videos

Excercise Videos

There's nothing better than seeing the correct technique to tighten up your form.